Spring in Northern Israel

Spring Journey 2019

16 days of a unique Hiking Journey.
Following the susses of the 2017 & 2018 Spring journeys Hiking festival, the 2019 journey will take place 22/3-6/4.

The participants will enjoy a life changing adventure, 16 days of unique hiking journey. Starting from mount Hermon  all the way down to the Sea of Galilee. The walk is together, but each one can walk in his own pace. The trails pass through streams and springs. mountains, hills and meadows. The Spring Journey, is a hiking adventure in the heart of the wild nature of the northern region of  Israel.
With people from all over the world, far away from the noisy city, busy roads and endless temptations. In the journey we will walk through untouched, challenging and amazing trails with beautiful spots and many springs and streams.

Above Hula Valley

Unique activities like jam sessions next to the fire, Yoga workouts next to the water, massage therapy, foraging workshop and more… , are mixed between the hikes.

Each week is divided into 5 days hiking and a weekend of relaxation, including a Shabat dinner.

A Logistic team will accompany the trek and will be carrying the personal equipment and big bags, and take care for food and additional needs.
16 days, 130 KM, 20 spring and streams, and one big love to the Nature.

Waterfall in the Golan

The price is includes all the logistic, food, concerts, massage therapy and workshops!

Registration for all the journey:  – 135 ILS per day

Registration for several days (minimum 4 days):  – 165 ILS per day

Registration for at least a week:  – 150 ILS per day

Details and registration: The Spring Journey

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