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“Israel by Foot”
was developed to enable the independent tourist to easily “spice-up” a “standard” tour in Israel with real Nature & hiking experiences.

Welcome to Israel by Foot.
Do you want to spice up your stay in Israel with a few hikes?
Or explore unique places that are “off the beaten track”?
Well, if you do, you came exactly to the right place!
My name is Erez, and I would like to tell you a bit about this website and why I created it.

I believe that Nature Travel is the best and most rewarding form of travel for people that want to explore a country deeply. Plan your trip to Israel (Or parts of it) with this website, and I guarantee you will be rewarded with some incredible experiences!

I am not a professional tour guide, just an ordinary guy who loves nature and loves to hike.
I had been walking the trails of this country for decades now, and I can tell you for sure that one of the most unlikely things to find on a trail in Israel is a foreign tourist.

When I tried to understand the reason for this, my conclusion was clear. There is almost no information about this topic if you can’t read Hebrew! So finally, in 2018, I decided to take on a mission to develop Israel by Foot, which will serve as a platform for travelers that want to experience Israel “off the beaten track.”

Do you want me to help you plan your hikes in Israel? Check out here. Or contact me at  erez@hike-israel.com

With Israel by foot, you will reach Secret Spots or visit well-known sites (Like Masada, for example) in a completely fresh way. You will reach these amazing spots and have them all for yourself or share them with a bunch of locals.

The website offers three main options to explore Israel’s nature. The 1st one is Self-Guided hikes. Each hike includes detailed information alongside a high-quality English hiking map.
They also come with a GPS file for use on a standard mobile navigation app.
The hiking program covers all regions of the country and varies in difficulty level from short strolls up to full-day tough hikes.

Hiking Map Example

Another option we offer is a program of Self-Guided Road-Trips. These trips mix scenic driving with several short hikes along the drive to visit unique hidden spots and distinctive viewpoints.

All the information offered on the website is free. But for just 5$ (the price of a cup of coffee), you can download our detailed English hiking maps & GPS data. Or you can choose to join one of our guides and hike with a group. It does not matter what you choose. We want you to explore, go outdoors, and have fun.

For more hardcore hikers, we offer a program of “Inn to Inn” Self-Guided Multi-Days Treks. The trekking service includes pleasant, hiker-friendly accommodations, luggage transfer, and 24/7 support.

And see you on the trails…

About Myself

View of Masada from Elazar Mountain
View From Elazar Mountain

My name is Erez Speiser. I was born in Israel in 1966, living now in Rakefet (Lower Galilee). By education, I am a mechanical engineer. For the last decade, I hold a marketing position in a multi-national metal-cutting tools company.
However, my true passion has always been nature and the outdoors. I Enjoy Hiking, Mountain biking, Wind Surfing & Stand-Up Paddling.
I Love Israel and its nature, and since 2018 I started to put my skills, passion, and knowledge into promoting Hiking tourism in the country through this website.
The website was “solo built” gradually by myself without any assistance.  (writing, Mapping, Graphics, and Web design). After gaining this experience, I combined it with my engineering skills and created the Machining Doctor. It is a website that provides technical information for the machining industry.

Contact: erez@hike-israel.com

Do you want me to help you plan your hikes in Israel? Check out here. Or contact me at  erez@hike-israel.com

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