Tasting authentic local food at Old Akko Market

Old Akko “Bite Card”

“Spice Up” your Akko walking tour with our “Bite Card”. We handpicked for you some of the most authentic and most tasty stalls!



  • A taste of local Hummus
  • A taste of Shawarma or olive leaves with local cheese
  • A taste of Falafel balls or a local bakery.
  • A taste of fish Tapas
  • A taste of Knafe or Baklawa
  • A cup of coffee or fresh-squeezed juice.
  • Validity of Card: 3 Months.
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  • After purchasing your tickets, you will receive an email that contains the card pickup point (Which is in Akko Market), as well as the shops and the stands for redeeming your tastings. 
  • If the card is purchased during the office hours you will receive the email within one hour.
  • If the card is purchased after office hours or on Saturday, you will receive the email on the next day.
  • Offce hours: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-17:00, Friday 09:00-13:00, Saturday – Closed.

Important Notes:

  • The price is for one person!
  • The tasting details and the locations of some of the shops are subject to change, according to the current situation at the market, and the daily inventory. Our advice is to print out the guidelines form, which you will receive to your email inbox when you purchase the ticket and read our recommendations.
  •  Some of the tastings may contain gluten, nuts, sesame, different spices, and other food products that should not be eaten by those who are allergic to these products. If you have a doubt that there is a certain food that you are allergic to in one of the tastings, we recommend that you do not purchase the ticket.
  • Validity of the Card: 3 months.
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