Ein Avdat National Park Hike

A Desert Spring and a Marl Wadi. A rewarding hike!! Visit the beautiful spring of Ein Avdat. Climb the sheer cliff on an exciting path cut into the rock and descend back gently through the magical Havarim wadi.

Hike Metrics
Distance12 Km
Short versionsN / A
Climb180 m
BestDec - Mar
PossibleNov - Apr
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Hike Description

Guided Tour

  • Start in the Small Makhtesh
  • Hike to the Big Crater
  • Hike to ancient Avdat via Ein Akev
  • Finish in Makhtesh Ramon

Inn to Inn Hiking with Luggage Tranfer

HIKE DESCRIPTION: (Our 12 km Circular Hike)

Israel by Foot Recommendation!
90% of the visitors to the Ein Avdat National Park, make to short flat walk from the entrance to the pools and back. We offer you, to Start like the crowds, but instead of going back the same way, climb up the Cliffs, and return to the starting point through the magnificent Marl wadi of Havarim.
  • Starting point –  parking area at the bottom of the “serpentine road” (1).
  • Walk south-west on the paved road (Not way-marked) until you reach the entrance to the Natural Park where you will have to buy the entrance ticket. (2)
  • The ‡Blue‡ markers start here. Follow it along the wadi until we reach the beautiful pond of Ein Avdat.
Ein Avdat
Ein Avdat is a group of 3 Springs. The southernmost spring is Ein Ma’arif, featuring a series of waterfalls and pools. Further north is Ein Avdat, a 15-meter high waterfall that flows into an 8-meter deep pool of water. Located near the northern (Upper) entrance of the park is a spring called Ein Mor. “Mor” in Hebrew is the myrrh. This spice together with Frankincense was an exclusive trade article since biblical times and was one of the products traded by the Nabateans that lived in the area from the 3rd century BCE until the 1st century CE
Pool in ZIn Canyon, Negev desert, Israel

  • Continue on the ‡Blue‡ markers and shortly after the spring, the trail starts to climbs through the cliff on a series of steps and ladders.

Climbing the ladders above Ein Avdat

  • At the end of the climb, we meet another paved road (3).
  • Follow the unmarked paved road west for about 900 m until meeting a minor paved road with ‡Red‡ markers (4). 
  • Turn right and follow the ‡Red‡ markers on the paved road for 1.2 Km. It then changes to a dirt road. continue to follow it for another 1.5 km until reaching the junction with a ‡Green‡ marker (5).
  • Turn right and Continue with the  ‡Red‡ trail which is now a footpath until a junction with a ‡Green‡ trail (6).
Marl Wadi
We are now in Havarim Wadi. “Havarim” in English means Marl. This is a section with a beautiful and unique landscape. Rounded soft hills with unique color shading make this a magical section. Because the colors are very bright, it is very popular to walk this section on full moon nights.

Hiking down Wadi Havarim

  • Turn right a go down the wadi on the ‡Green‡ markers which later merges with ‡Blue‡ markers.  After 3 Km down the wadi bed, you reach the starting point (1).

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Ein Avdat NAtional Park hiking map in English
Click Map to Enlarge

Use the official English park map along with the below explanations:

  • The distance from the car park to the main Ein Avdat pool (4) is just 700 meters on a flat and easy trail. You can just follow the Blue trail to the pool, retrace your steps and get off with 1.5 Km.
  • You can continue further about 400 meters until the Poplar groove (7) where the cliffs close on the canyon from all sides and retrace your steps to the car park. This will Sum up to 2.2 Km.
  • You can continue from the Polar Groove (7) up the cliff on a steep and exciting path that is carved into the rocks and equipped with ladders for a great view of the canyon from above. The total distance from the car park to point 10 is 1.5 km (The climb of the cliff is 80 m high). However, you will need to leave in advance a second car in the upper parking lot (14) to get back to the starting point since the cliff path is one-way.
  • If it seems to short for you, check out our 10 Km circular hike


  • Opening Hours:  08:00 – 17:00 (16:00 during winter).
    Friday and Holidays: 08:00 – 16:00 (15:00 during winter).
  • Price: Adult 24 NIS, Child 14 NIS
  • Google-Map link for getting by Car.
  • Google-Map link for getting by bus. (You will need to walk about 3 Km from the bus station to the park entrance.
  • Official Website.



How long is the hike in Ein Avdat?

It is 1.5-2 Kilometers Long. However, you can combine it with Wadi Havarim into a 12 Km circular hike

Can you Swimm in Ein Avdat?

The pools are big and deep but swimming is not allowed. To get a swim in a natural desert pool you will need to hike to Ein Akkev.

What are the opening hours of Ein Avdat National Park?

Opening Hours:  08:00 – 17:00 (16:00 during winter). Friday and Holidays: 08:00 – 16:00 (15:00 during winter).

What is the entrance fee to Ein Avdat National Park?

Adult 24 NIS, Child 14 NIS

Where can I get the Ein Avdat trails map?

You get it in the park when you buy the ticket, or you can download it here.

What are the Ein Avdat inscriptions?

In one of the caves on the Clif above Ein Avdat, there is an inscription written in the Nabatean alphabet in Aramaic and Arabic. The text (translated): “For works without reward or favor, and he, when death tried to claim us, did not let it claim us, for when a wound festered, he did not let us peris”

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