The balck canyon and the lost gorge

Eilat “Black Canyon”

The Dark, Granite Shehoret Canyon. A colorful walk between the black walls of the Shehoret Canyon. Followed by an ascend to the Shehoret mountain. Then a visit to impressive, narrow, and intense Red-colored “Lost Gorge”

Hike Metrics
Distance12 Km
Short versions5 Km
Climb350 m
LevelDifficult (Short version - Easy)
BestDec - Mar
PossibleNov - Apr
Start PointGoogle-Maps-icon-2020
Hike Description

Driving Directions: From the Google-Maps location, Turn to the Blue marked dirt road and follow it for 2.4 Km, then turn Left to the Green marked dirt road and follow it for an additional 2.3 Km until a Junction with a Black marked dirt road. (A detailed driving map is supplied with the download pack). The dirt roads are suitable for any regular car.

Hike description:

  • The starting point for the walk:  Junction of a ‡Green‡ and ‡Blue‡  dirt roads (1).
  • Follow the ‡Green‡ markers along the wide Shehoret Wadi for 1.0 Km until a junction with an #Black# marked path coming from the right. (2).
  • Continue on the ‡Green‡ markers now joined also by the INT (Israel National Trail).
  • The Wadi turns gradually into a deep Canyon. The walls are made of black Granite rocks, which gives the canyon its nickname and a special atmosphere.

The granit Groge near Eilat

  • Continue with the ‡Green‡ markers for another 1.5 Km until you are out of the Canyon and reach a junction a #Red# marked trail (3).
  • For the short version: Turn right and follow the #Red# marked trail for 2.3 Km, until the junction with the ‡Green‡ marked dirt road. Turn right and walk 200 m to the trail-head (1).
Eilat Black Canoyon hiking map
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  • For the full version, Turn left and follow the #Red# marked trail (Also part of the INT).
  • The path starts Climbing the Shehoret Mountain. gradually we will begin to see the wild, breathtaking landscapes around us. Rugged mountains made of red rocks merge into black granite rocks and the reddish Edom mountains range on the horizon.
  • The path does not reach the Summit, about halfway to the summit it starts descending to a wide wadi on the other side.
  • After 2 km on the Red‡ markers, we reach a junction with ‡Blue‡ and ‡Black‡ marked trails. (4)

red colorswhen hiking around eilat israel

  • We leave the INT and turn Right on the ‡Black‡ marked trail. After 5 minutes we enter the narrow “Lost Gorge”.  The tall walls are made of red sandstone, full of holes and small niches. We enter the narrow canyon, climb on a few rocks, and after 2-3 minutes, we reach a “dead-end”, where the gorge is blocked with a  high cliff.  A great spot to enjoy the sight of the red cliffs that surround us and take an extended break.
  • Retrace your steps to the last junction (4) and continue straight on the ‡Blue‡ marked trail for 2.4 Km, until a junction with a  ‡Black‡ marked dirt road. (5)
  • Turn left and follow the easy and relatively flat ‡Black‡ marked dirt road for 3.8 Km until the trail-head (1).

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