View from Timna Mountain

Mount Timna and Solomon Pillars Hike

The Timna park is usually crowded. Especially the famous landmarks and short hikes. However, If you make the extra effort of climbing to the summit of Timna Mountain, you are very likely to enjoy majestic views with the tranquility of the desert.

Hike Metrics
Distance12 Km
Short versionsN / A
Climb400 m
BestDec - Mar
PossibleNov - Apr
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Hike Description

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Hike Description:

  • From the main park entrance and visitor center, follow the main road into the park for about 3 km. (If you are visiting with 2 cars, you can “save” these 3 kilometers and leave your second car here)
  • Look for a Black Trail marking on your left (2). Turn left and start following the Black Trail.
  • The path starts climbing towards a black Granite hill. It passes slightly below the summit, but make a small extra effort and climb to the summit (3).
  • You are rewarded with excellent views of the colorful Timna valley and the tablet-shaped Timna mountain you will reach later.
  • Continue with the Black Trail for 2.7 Km, until the trail descends to the valley and meets a junction of wide dirt roads (4).
  • Turn right on the unmarked dirt road and follow it for about 700 meters until you reach the Solomon Pillars (5). The spot might be over-crowded but still deserves a visit.

  • On your way notice on your right the ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple to the goddess of Hathor
  • After enjoying the natural wonder of the Solomon Pillars, retrace your steps back to the junctions with Black Trail (4).
  • Continue straight on the same dirt road for a few minutes until you reach a junction with the INT (Israel National Trail).
  • Turn left and start following the INT markings climbing gradually towards the summit of the Timna Mountain. After about an hour of a challenging hike, you will reach the flat table-shape summit of Mount Timna (5).
  • Leave the marked trail and walk around the flat summit. This will give you amazing views each time in a different direction.
  • To the west are the steep cliffs of the western rim of the Timna Valley. (You can walk on these cliffs on our Timna Bird’s Eye Hike). To the south and east extends the flat Arava valley and behind it the Edom Mountains in Jordan. To the north lies the reddish Timna Valley, in which small hills are scattered in unique shapes. A perfect spot for an extended break.
  • From the summit, continue to follow the INT for another 3 Km until you are back at the park’s entrance (1).

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