Qumeran cave where the dead sea scrolls where found

Qumran- Daed Sea – Hike

Deep desert feeling only 50 Km from Jerusalem. Our hike Starts at Qumran. The site where the Dead-Sea scrolls were discovered. Climb thorough the Qumran Canyon up to the Dead Sea cliffs and get an amazing vista of Einot Zukim and the Dead Sea.

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Distance13 Km
Short versionsN / A
Climb400 m
BestDec - Mar
PossibleNov - Apr
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Introduction to the Area:

Qumran was a flourishing Jewish settlement that existed during the Second Temple period. The settlement was inhabited by a men-only community that lived a cooperative life. The complex is made off public buildings, while the community members lived around in about 30 caves and probably also in tents and sukkahs. The complex’s buildings were kept in good condition thanks to the arid climate in the Dead Sea Valley. Qumran is identified with “Secacah” mentioned in the Bible as one of the six desert cities of the tribe of Judah. Joshua 15 61-62: “In the wilderness, Betharabah, Middin, and Secacah, And Nibshan, and the city of Salt, and Engedi; six cities with their villages”. Today, impressive remains can be seen at the Qumran National park where our hike starts.

A water cisterne at Qumeran ruins
Water Cistern in Qumran
Dead Sea Scrolls
In 1946, a Bedouin teenager accidentally  found 7 ancient scrolls housed in jars in a cave in the Wadi near Qumran. He had no idea that this was the beginning of such an important archaeological discovery. The story has many twists, however, in the end, thousands of scroll fragments had been found at 11 caves in the Qumran area. out of these fragments, Researchers have assembled a total of 981 manuscripts. Most of them are books of the Torah (old testament) written in Hebrew. It is the 3rd oldest Torah text ever discovered. Further reading in  Wikipedia
The Essenes sect
The Essenes was a sect of jews, that lived in the land of Israel from the 2nd century BCE until the fall of the 2nd temple. Many thousands of Essences were living in many cities. What makes them famous today, is the belief that the Qumran community was an Essenes community and that they were the writers of the Dead sea scrolls.

Track description:


  • After you finish the visit, start following the ‡Green‡ markers that start at the back of the site. You will ascend 250 m inside the deep Qumran Wadi. After a distance of 2.7 Km, you reach the junction with the ‡Red‡ marked dirt road. (2)
  • Turn left on the dirt road and follow the ‡Red‡ markers.
  • You are now walking on the plateau of the Judean Desert, 400 m above the Dead sea.
Typlical landscape at the Judean Desert
Judean Desesrt
  • You will walk a total of about 4 Km on this road until you reach a junction with  ‡Black‡ markers (3) .
  • This is an easy section with gentle ups and downs and a desert isolation feeling.
  • After about 1 Km, you meet a ‡Blue‡ marker going left. This is an optional detour of 300 m to a fine viewpoint over the dead sea.
  • Turn left on the ‡Black‡ markers (3) and follow it for 1.2 Km to an amazing viewpoint over the northern area of the dead sea and Einot Zukim national Park.
  • The perfect sport for an extended break!!
Einot Zukim viewed from high above
Einot Zukim
  • retrace your steps 150 m to a  junction with a ‡Blue‡ marker going left. (4)
  • Turn left and follow the ‡Blue‡ markers for about 3 Km until a junction with  junction with a ‡Green‡ marker. (5)
  • Turn left, and follow the  ‡Green‡ markers for about 2 Km descending fairly steeply towards the Dead Sea, until you reach the main road #90.
  • From here take the bus back to the starting point (1).
  • Bus #444 & #486 run every 30-60 minutes. Link to Google-Maps  bus directions.

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