Inn to Inn Hiking Tours in Israel

Walk from Hotel to Hotel and let us take care of the rest!


Masada to Ein Gedi – “Inn to Inn” Trek

This is a challenging and very rewarding true Desert Trek. Secluded desert paths, Deep Dramatic Canyons, Desert Springs, Amazing views of Masada and the Dead sea. All of this combined with our “user-friendly” Inn to Inn program.

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Yam le Yam (Sea to Sea) – “Inn to Inn” Trek

Yam le Yam (Sea to Sea)  is a “Classic” 4 days Trek in northern Israel. You start at the Mediterranean sea, Cross the Upper Galilee ridge, visit interesting Melkite Christians and Druze villages, and the old city of Safed. Then, along Nahal Amud to the shore of the Sea of Galilee

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Aloney Habashan

The Golan Trail – “Inn to Inn” Trek

The Golan Trail is an Epic 125 Kilometers long hiking trail that crosses the Golan heights from mount Hermon in the north to Ein Taufik in the south. You can Backpack along the trail independently or tackle it with our friendly “Inn to Inn” service.

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View from Hod Akev, Negev Desert, Israel

Negev Desert Adventure – “Inn to Inn” Trek

Hike from Zin valley to Makhtesh Ramon. Visit amazing viewpoints, canyons, and magical desert springs. A real desert experience!!

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Scenic road trrip from Tel Aviv (Or Ben Gurion airport) to Jerusalem

Beit Guvrin to Jerusalem – “Inn to Inn” Trek

Hike across the Judean planes and up the Judean mountains all the way to Jerusalem. Visit along the way biblical and historical sites, relax near small springs, and in-between, enjoy boutique breweries and wineries.

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Waterfall in the Canyon of Wadi Qelt

Wadi Qelt (Jerico to Jerusalem) – “Inn to Inn” Trek

The classic hike from Jericho (st. Geroge Monastery) to Jerusalem (Almon) along Wadi Qelt. Springs, Ancient monasteries, Aquaducts, and narrow gorges. Only two days, but so much excitement

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