The classic hike from Jericho (st. Geroge Monastery) to Jerusalem (Almon) along Wadi Qelt. Springs, Ancient monasteries, Aquaducts, and narrow gorges. Only two days, but so much excitement

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Wadi Qelt 2 days hike from Jericho to Jerusalem

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It is a short two days trek. But truly fantastic two days! Start at Jericho or Saint George Monastery. Pass through all the amazing highlights of Wadi Qelt and finish at Almon (3 Kilometers from Jerusalem). You will see along the way:  Monasteries, Ancient aqueducts, Desert Springs, Natural pools, and dramatic desert scenery

Warning and Disclaimer: Some sections of the trail during the first day of the trek pass through remote desert areas without any cellular reception. You also pass through a small Beudion nomadic settlement. Some consider the area unsafe, Others consider it safe and hike regularly in the area. For those who feel less comfortable hiking the 1st day independently, we offer the option to hire a hiking guide for this section for an additional cost per group of 1,700 NIS (about 500$).

If you book this trip (without a guide), you are doing it at your own risk! Israel by Foot is not responsible for your security and safety!

How would you like to hike from Jericho to Jerusalem?

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1 – St. George to Kfar Adomim

  • Distance: 13 Km (5-7 Hours) / Climb: 500 m
  • Starting Point: St. George Monestry view-point.
  • End Point: Kfar Adomim
  • Overnight: Kfar Adomim
  • Preferred Lodging: Local B&B
  • Our shuttle will pick you up from your accommodation in Jerusalem, drop your luggage at the accommodation in Kfar Adomim, and continue to the trailhead.
  • If you are not staying in Jerusalem you can choose from two optional pick-up locations: Maale Adomim, or Almog Junction.
  • After enjoying the iconic view of the Monastery hanging on the cliff, walk into the gorge, and visit the Monastery.
  • Walk on the old Aquaduct.
  • Visit Ein Qelt
  • Visit Ein Maboa.
  • The trail ends at the accommodation in Kfar Adomim.

Day 2 – Kfar Adomim to Almon

Typical section in the Wadi Qelt Canyon

  • Distance: 11 Km (3-5 Hours) / Climb: 400 m
  • Starting Point: Kfar Adomim.
  • End Point: Almon (Anatot)
  • After breakfast, you descend back to Ein Maboa and enter again into Wadi Qelt.
  • The next few kilometers are the most adventurous of the trek. Passing through the narrow gorge and negotiating rocks with the aid of metal handlers.
  • You can enjoy some beautiful pools that provide excellent wading opportunities.
  • Visit Ein Prat
  • Enjoy the view of the  Faran Monestarey hanging on the cliff.
  • Arrive at Almon and meet the taxi that will take you back to Kfar Adomim.

Backpacking from Jericho to Jerusalem along Wadi Qelt

The distance from St. George to Almon is 18 kilometers. (Add 5 Km if you start from Jericho). A hiker with good fitness can walk it in one day. However, we do not recommend it. There are so many attractions to see, and so many cool attractive spots to relax by, that it would be a shame to rush it.

Our proposed itinerary:

Day 1 – 13 Kilometers: 

Day 2: – 11 Kilometers:

  • Go back to Ein Maboa.
  • Walk to Ein Prat and Faran Monastery.
  • Finish the day at Almon. where you can catch a bus to Jerusalem.
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