Monfort fortress above Nahal Kziv

Monfort Fortress

The Monfort fortress in one of finest examples of fortified crusader structures from the 12th century crusader state period. It was built by the Teutonic Order (Catholic German order founded in Acre in 1190). The fortress is built on a narrow and steep ridge directly above the Kziv stream in the Western Galilee region. The spot was populated first around 1100 as a farm without any special importance. During the 3rd crusade, around 1220 the German knights of the Teutonic order turned it into a significant fortified location. In 1271 following a siege, the Mamluk Muslims conquered the fort, later demolished it and leaving it in ruins until today. Today this beautiful spot is a popular weekend retreat and a starting point for several hiking trails in the Nahal Kziv, which is one of the most famous streams in the Galilee with running water all year round. It is also on route of the “Yam le Yam” trek crossing the Galilee from the Mediterranean Sea to lake Kinneret.

How to get there:

Drive further from Mizpe Hila along a road (At some point the tarmac turns to a dirt road) with Red markers until the Parking.
From the parking follow the Red marked narrow footpath for about 500 meters until you reach the fortress ruins. A great picnic spot with fantastic few of the Galilee and excitement for the kids to explore the ruins.

Monfort Hiking Map

Monfort Fortress Hiking Map

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