Sodom Cave Rappelliong

Rappelling Trip to Sodom Salt Caves

Temporary Closed

The cave is temporarily closed due to a recent rock collapse.

A lifetime experience, Explore a salt cave in the depths of Mount Sodom.


Enter the Cave from the top of Mount Sodom, by rappelling down 80 m inside a natural Salt chimney.

  • Location: Mount Sodom. A unique Salt mountain on the southern tip of the Dead-Sea, where the biblical story of Sodom and Gemorah took place.
  • Dates: On Request.
  • Meeting Point: At the beginning of the trip. South to Neveh Zohar, on road #90 to Eilat.
  • Duration: About 5 hours.
  • Price: 2,500 NIS
  • Prices for a group of up to 8 people.

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Sodom Salt CAve
Sodom Salt CAve
Sodom Salt CAve
Sodom Cave Rappelliong
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The tour starts by climbing Mount Sodom on an exciting trail that includes iron ladders. (Further reading on Hiking at Mount Sodom). The climb takes about 30 minutes. During the climb, we will enjoy a fantastic view east towards the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains, and talk about the area, its unique geology, and the dangers that threaten the Dead Sea.
After a half-hour, we will reach the “cave’s mouths”, the guide will prepare the equipment, and one by one we will glide down a beautiful salt chimney 80 meters deep into the heart of Mount Sodom. Rappelling into the cave is a unique experience but requires no prior experience.
Once everyone is at the bottom of the chimney, we will start the walk inside the cave A long and impressive salt cave, full of wonderful salt formations. We will walk, crawl, and pass through the cave crossings to the exit, through a narrow opening, and back to the Dead Sea.

  • Temperature in the cave: +25°С.


Mount Sodom is a relatively young mountain that began its rise only a few tens of thousands of years ago and still continues to grow taller now at a rate of 3.5 millimeters (0.14 Inches) a year.
Earth Movements, pressing down on the layers of salt, created Mount Sodom. It is composed of 80% salt, capped by a thin layer of limestone and clay. It rises 260  meters above the Dead Sea and creates a unique landscape scenery of bright white soil penetrated by winding crevices.

View from the Summit of Mt. Sodom

Important Notes

  • No previous experience with rappelling is required! Our professional guides will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Minimum age: 8 Years.
  • Equipment:
    Head flashlight! (Can also be rented or purchased from the guide).
    Water (2 liters), closed hiking shoes/sports shoes, some food, and comfortable and long clothing.
    gloves (cycling gloves/working gloves /winter gloves – optional)
  • The activity is insured and organized by qualified instructors.
  • Payment: Cash on the day of the tour (Or credit card with 5% more)
Temporary Closed

The cave is temporarily closed due to a recent rock collapse.

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