Kibbutz experience tour

Kibbutz Experience Tours

Join us for a day and visit functioning communal Israeli Kibbutz

Kibbutz is a unique cooperative settlement for Zionism and Israel. The first Kibbutz was formed in 1909 based on Zionism’s desire to renew Jewish presence in the land of Israel and on socialist values – equality between people and total economic co-operation. The kibbutz is usually a small community of hundreds of people earning a living from agriculture and industry. In the historical Kibbutz, all income and property belonged to the community, and people had no private property at all. In recent decades, the level of economic cooperation has gradually decreased to adapt to Israel’s modern life.
  • An opportunity to explore a unique settlement form that exists only in Israel.
  • Learn about the history, culture, and unique lifestyle of the collective communal kibbutzim.
  • Meet our  Guide, a local Kibbutz member, for a tour of the Kibbutz.
  • Price from 220 NIS (About 65$)
Details and BookingFrom Tel-Aviv

Desert Kibbutz

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