the hidden waterfall in arugot stream

Nahal Arugot Hike (Arugot Stream)

Nahal Arugot is a fantastic hike in the Ein Gedi Reserve. We offer here two versions. A short 4 Km family-friendly hike. And a longer 8 Km circuit for serious hikers.

Short Hike:

  • Distance: 4 Kilometers (Out and back)
  • Climb: 150 meters
  • Level: Easy

From the Nahal Arugot ticket office walk upstream along the Red Trail. After about 1.5 km, watch out for a junction with a Blue Trail. Branch left on the Blue Trail. It is the best part of the walk. The trail goes inside the gorge, near the stream, and sometimes inside it. In some sections, you will have to wade in shallow water and be careful if you insist on keeping your feet dry. After about half a Kilometer of fun, you will reach the “Hidden” waterfall. It’s a magical spot. The 10 Meter waterfall drops into a beautiful deep pool where you can take a swim and even take a shower under the waterfall. For those who prefer to stay dry, there is plenty of shade to relax beside the water. If you feel more energetic, you can continue an additional Kilometer upstream to explore also the “upper pools”. Walk back to the entrance the same way, or on the higher (and dry) Red Trail.

For more details about the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, please visit our Complete Guide

Nahal Arugot Hiking Map

Arugot stream hiking map (Ein-Gedi Israel)
Click the map to download in high quality

Long Hike:

  • Distance: 8 Kilometers (Circular)
  • Climb: 500 meters
  • Level: Moderate. (With a few steep sections)
  • GPS: Download the GPS file for the hike.
  • Highlights: Ein Gedi spring, Ein Gedi ancient ascent, amazing views on the Dead Sea, impressive view from above on the deep Arugot gorge, the “hidden” waterfall and Arugot stream.

Arugot stream at the ein gedi natural reserve

Hike Description:

  • From the Nahal Arugot ticket office do not head upstream, cross the parking lot and head down the paved road until Tel Goren (the location of ancient Ein Gedi) where the Black-marked trail is staring.
  • Formally you need to purchase a ticket since you will be returning through Nahal Arugot. However, nobody is checking you on the way out.
  • You must be out of the reserve before the closing time. Start early enough (The park authorities recommend to start not later than 08:00)
For more details about the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, please visit our Complete Guide
  • Take this Black Trail up the hill. After about a Kilometer of a moderate ascent, you will reach the Ein Gedi Spring. A delightful picnic spot with shade and a pool of fresh spring water.
  • A few meters past the spring, the trail is passing near the remains of a Chalcolithic temple, dating to 3,500 BCE. There is not much to see here, but the spot has archeological importance.
  • From here starts the “Ein Gedi Ascent”. The ancient path elegantly negotiates the steep cliff. (it is associated with the Cliff of Ziz 2 Chronicles 20:16.)
  • The trail gets steeper and rougher as it gets closer to the summit. From midway and further up, you get amazing views on the Dead Sea below.

Hiking above Ein Gedi

  • Continue following the Black trail on the flat landscape of the desert plateau for about 1.5 Km. Make a short detour on the Red-marked trail to the Ein Gedi lookout at the edge of the cliff.
  • Continue on the plateau until you are at the top of Nahal Arugot Canyon (Another great viewpoint).
  • Descend carefully the very steep trail down to the bottom of the canyon where you meet a Red-marked path.
  • Turn right and walk about half a kilometer upstream to the famous “hidden” waterfall. After a chilling dip in the pool, walk downstream back to the park entrance on the Red marked trail. (Detailed description of this section appears in the short hike described above).
For more details about the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, please visit our Complete Guide
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