Wadi David waterfall. Ein-Gedi, Israel.

Nahal David Hike (David Stream)

Nahal David is a fantastic hike in the Ein Gedi Reserve. We offer here two versions. A short 3 Km family-friendly hike. And a longer 9 Km circuit for serious hikers.


Short Hike:

  • Distance: 1.5 Kilometers (Out and back)
  • Climb: 150 meters
  • Level: Very easy

David Stream, Ein Gedi Israel

From the Nahal David ticket office walk upstream. The path is very well built with wooden bridges, lookout balconies, and stone staircases. After passing several lovely pools and cascades we reach the last and highest waterfall in the stream, called the “David Waterfall”. The water drops from a height of about 36 meters to a shallow pool. The sight of the water and the abundant vegetation that surrounds it from all sides is impressive and beautiful. Entry to this pool is prohibited due to the risk of falling stones. The way back is on the more comfortable path that bypasses the pools heading directly to the entrance.

For more details about the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, please visit our Complete Guide

Nahal David Hiking Map

David stream hiking map

Long Hike:

  • Distance: 6 or 9 Kilometers (Circular)
  • Climb: 500 or 550 meters
  • Level: Moderate. (With a few steep sections)
  • GPS: Download the GPS file for the hike.
  • Highlights: “Window” Waterfall, Mount Ishay, Shulamit Spring, David Waterfall, Nahal David

Hike Description:

  • From the Nahal David ticket office don’t walk into the reserve. Cross the parking lot and walk down to the main road and turn left up the minor paved road that goes to the Ein Gedi Hostel and Ein Gedi field school. After about a kilometer, at the end of the paved road, look for the beginning of the Black-Marked trail.
  • Formally you need to purchase a ticket since you will be returning through Nahal David stream. However, nobody is checking you on the way out.
  • You must be out of the reserve before the closing time. Start early enough (The park authorities recommend to start not later than 08:00)
For more details about the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, please visit our Complete Guide
  • Follow the black trail, now climbing more steeply. After another kilometer, you will reach a junction with a Green marked trail.
  • Turn right on the Green trail if you wish to climb to the summit of Mount Ishay. It is an optional detour of 1.5 Km and 150 m climb (Out and back). The extra effort is rewarded with a fantastic panorama on the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, and the Moab mountains.
  • From the junction, walk left on the Green-marked trail until an intersection with a Red-Marked trail. Turn left on the Red markers and start walking down the gorge.
  • After a short while, the Red-marked trail climbs out of the gorge on its south bank. Ignore it and continue downstream. In this short section, you cross several pools. Some inside the water (Up to waist height, depending on recent rainfall) and others going around with the aid of metal handles. After the last pool, you finally reach the “Window” waterfall — a real “Wow” spot.

Windows waterfall in David stream, Ein-Gedi nature reserve

  • In front of you, the Dead Sea is seen through a natural window in the rocks, behind you is a charming pool, and below a steep drop of a dry waterfall into the David gorge.
  • Retrace your steps back to the red markers and climb out of the wadi to meet the Green marked trail again.
  • Turn left and follow the green markers for 650 meters. Pay attention to an unmarked trail on your left. Turn left on the unmarked trail, leading you to the Chalcolithic temple.
  • Continue on this well maintained but unmarked path down into Nahal  David. (Passing on the way the Shulamit spring).
  • Once you arrive to Nahal David, turn left to visit the David waterfall and afterward walk downstream back to the ticket office. (Detailed description of this section appears in the short hike described above)
For more details about the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, please visit our Complete Guide
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