Sunrize on the mediternian sea

Tips for Hiking in the Israeli Summer

From June to September Israel becomes very hot.
In the south and desert areas, typical temperatures during the day are 35-42 °C. (95 – 108 °F). In the Center and the north around 30-32 °C (85-90 °F). Certainly not Hiking friendly weather.

Don’t worry. We have got you covered!! If you follow our guidelines you will be able to enjoy a hike in Israel also during the hot summer!!

  • Don’t hike in desert areas. Danger  of dehydration and Heatstroke is life threatening!!
  • In the north and central areas, limit your self to easier and shorter hikes.
  • Try to start your hike as early as possible. Idealy at Sunrise.
  • Drink a lot, use sunscreen and wear a wide hat.
  • For In-Depth details about Heat Stroke and Dehydration dangers we strongly recommend to read Ariel’s Checklist
  • Below is a list of our summer-friendly Hikes:
  1. Our “Wet Summer hikes”  are the perfect choice!!
  2. Bashanit Ridge: At altitude of 1,100 m on the northern Golan Heights the temperatures in the morning are more pleasant than anywhere else in the country.
  3. Amud Stream: The short version of this hike, has plenty of shade and water.
  4. The Springs Trail: An easy hike near Jerusalem with plenty of shade and a few chilly pools.
  5. Ktalav Wadi: Head out really early so you are in the full shade of the Wadi when the sun in high.
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