Poconos Mountains

The Ultimate Kosher Family Vacation Guide in the Poconos

The Poconos Mountains are a great destination for a family vacation, with many activities, sights, and cultural experiences the entire family will love. However, it can be a little challenging to plan a vacation while following dietary restrictions.

But, it can be easily overcome through research and planning. In this guide, let’s explore spots, experiences, and activities for the ultimate kosher family vacation in the Poconos.


Planning a kosher vacation can be challenging, as finding accommodations that adhere to all kosher restrictions and rules can be difficult. One popular option for families visiting the Poconos is to stay at resorts or hotels that offer kosher meal plans, along with accommodations such as standard rooms and suites with kitchens. 

Some resorts even have synagogues on-site for guests to use. Additionally, vacation rentals in the Poconos offer a great option for those seeking privacy and amenities like a kitchen, multiple rooms, and private swimming pools.

Kosher Dining:


  • Abe kosher delicatessen and restaurant

This is an easygoing Kosher deli with a traditional menu featuring breakfast dishes, sandwiches & hot entrees. Their daily menu keeps changing based on the availability and freshness of ingredients. Their menu is vegetarian and vegan friendly, and their dishes can be customized for a gluten-free diet.

  • Goldstein’s Deli 

Goldstein’s Deli is a local favorite that has been serving classic sandwiches and cold cuts for more than 60 years. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu includes salads, sandwiches, burgers, cheesesteaks, pizza, and more. Some of their bestsellers are the Godfather sandwich, smoked Gouda, and roasted red pepper grilled cheese. They also offer a large selection of drinks, including over 800 beers. 

  • Around-the-Table Catering

This food truck is known for serving the best falafel in Lehigh valley and bringing Mediterranean flavors while keeping them Kosher. All their food is vegetarian and they do not use meat or dairy. Their food is supervised by the Lehigh Valley Kashrut Commission [LVKC] and certified 100% parve. 

  • Yeshiva Cooperative 

Yeshiva Cooperative is a Kosher grocery store where you can find all Kosher ingredients in case you decide to cook your own meals. Here, you can find Cholov Yisroel, Glatt kosher meats, Fish, and Pas Yisroel (bakery) products.

  • Kingston’s Kosher

It is both a sandwich store and a kosher grocery store. Here you can find everything Kosher from fresh foods, to bakery, deli, and grocery. You can even order from their full line of takeout options. If you’re on the go grab a wrap, parfait, or bagel sandwich for a quick meal.

Whether you are looking for Kosher products, Glatt kosher, or cholov yisroel, you’ve found the right place! 



One of the best ways of enjoying the scenic beauty of the Poconos is by experiencing it up close and personal by taking a hiking trip. The Poconos are in fact a hiker’s paradise with multiple National and State Parks, home to trails that offer stunning views while passing through woods, hills, lakes, and waterfalls. These hikes are great all year and an absolute bliss for nature lovers. You can choose a trail based on your suitable difficulty level. Some of the most recommended trails by visitors are the Bushkill fall trail, Leigh Gorge trail, Mount Minsi via the Appalachian trail, and Dingmans Creek trail.

  • Mountain Zip Line and Tree Top Adventures

This one’s for all the adrenaline junkies out there. Experience the thrill of flying across the mountains, forests, and even a river at blazing speeds only at the Poconos. Try the longest zipline in PA at camelback mountain adventures. Witness the mesmerizing scenery from the highest point in Northeast Pennsylvania and then soar across a waterpark, at zip rider at Montage Mountain. Soar across the Red Rock Cliff as you take in the beautiful scenery of the water and the canyon, from a height of eight stories at whitewater rafting adventures. For something more laid back and close to the ground you can try the tree-top adventures at Camelback mountain adventures and Gorilla Grove Tree-top Adventures.

  • Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway

Enjoy a peaceful and scenic ride across Lehigh gorge state park and take in the wonderful views, in vintage coaches built as early as 1917. You will be able to see cliffs, mountain scenery, forests, and wildlife on this train ride that follows the Lehigh River over bridges and Glen Onoko. The best times to enjoy this ride to the fullest are during peak winter and during fall. In the winter you will be able to enjoy scenic winter scapes and spectacular views of the steep gorge walls that surround the rail line. During the fall, which is around mid-October you can witness the magnificent fall foliage of the Poconos Mountains in all its glory.

  • Skiing and snow tubing

Grind some snow with family and friends at the spectacular ski resorts in the Poconos mountains. Home to some world-class skiing destinations like Camelback, Shawnee Mountains, Jack Frost, and Big Boulder. You can try different types of skiing at the Poconos like Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and freestyle skiing. A family ski trip is all you need to let loose and make some everlasting memories. If skiing is not up your alley you can try snow tubing. It is beginner-friendly and absolutely fun and you don’t need any skills to try it, so it’s perfect if you can’t ski.

  • Sightseeing 

The Poconos is a town rich with culture and history, and there are so many spots in the Poconos that are a must-visit. Some of these popular stops are the Asa packer mansion museum, which is a historic house museum, and the previous residence of Asa Packer a coal and railroad magnate and the founder of Lehigh University. The old jail museum is another popular spot. It was previously a jail, which has been converted into a museum and is known for the hanging of seven old coal miners collectively known as Molly Maguires. Hickory Run State Park is a family- favorite spot for a picnic or a hike. The Pocono Raceway, famously called the tricky triangle, is well known for hosting the Nascar races. Here you can experience the high speeds, the adrenaline, and the tracks through the Stock Car Racing Experience.


The Poconos are a wonderful place for a family vacation. Especially if you’re looking for a getaway amidst nature. Its proximity to cities like New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia and easy accessibility make it a great family vacation option. With prior planning and preparation, you can easily plan a kosher vacation to the Poconos Mountains. Use this guide to build a complete itinerary according to your requirements and plans.


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