Klil Guest house, Galilee, Israel

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Israel is a rather expensive travel destination. When analyzing the cost breakdown it is clear that the biggest section is the accommodation cost. until a few years ago most of the offerings fell into two categories: Hotels that provided a high level of accommodation at a very high price and hostels that provided spartan, bunk bed-sleeping accommodations at a low price. The gap in the middle had a strong demand but a very small supply. This situation pushed some hostels to up their game in terms of comfort but still maintain competitive pricing. More and more hostels followed, and today we about 30 quality hostels, spreading from Eilat to the Golan height. Some at urban locations in the center of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa, and others in the countryside. The urban hostels are typically located at a  great central location perfect for city tours. Many countryside hostels are located at amazing locations, perfect for relaxing, enjoying nature, or going on a nearby exciting hike


The-Green-Backpackers, Mitzpe Ramon

Most hostels will have an attractive common area that makes it easy to connect to other fellow travelers. A great advantage if you are traveling Solo.

A hostel will typically offer the following amenities:

  • Mixed dormitory rooms in the various capacity of beds. The typical price range of 20-30$
  • Private rooms for couples, families, or a group of people traveling together. The typical price for a double room is about 75-150$
  • Common kitchens, laundry service, reliable wi-fi access, hot water, free hot drinks, storage rooms, and lockers.
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