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Israel – Road Trips between tourist attractions

Guest Post by Rebecca Grey

Hailed to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, Israel is an experience of a lifetime. There are hundreds of places to visit, all prettier than the one before. We believe the best way to explore Israel is on foot, however, there are lots to see also when driving from one spot to the next. In this post, we will help you to convert your casual driving from place to place into exciting road trips.

Israel is made for road trips, and there are many reasons why. The road systems in Israel are all well maintained and make for very comfortable drives. Beyond that, the distance between locations is short, which leaves you more than ample time to enjoy the place without worrying about turning back. You will comfortably cover the distances without killing your back. If you happen to drive a Land Rover, then with the Discovery 4 accessories, you will not have to worry about discomfort.

Having your car gives a distinct advantage for travel because it allows you to take off the beaten paths to reach remote locations. This is a theme in Israel because of all the beauty it has to offer. Here are some very scenic road trip options to consider for satisfying your post-COVID wanderlust.

Jerusalem to Masada and the Dead Sea

Floating on the Dead Sea

On the top of our list is the beautiful drive from Jerusalem to Masada. The Dead Sea is a breathtaking and iconic location that you cannot miss. Once you start from Jerusalem, preferably before sunrise, you step into the Judean Desert. This stretch has magnificent views.

You can stop at Qumran National Park on the way. This famous archaeological site with relics from the Hellenistic period (134–104 BC) is definitely worth the stop. It should also be kept in mind that in the summers, the heat can be overwhelming. So the best time to visit would be before the summer sun gains momentum.

Jericho is another stop to make on this road trip. Located in the Jordan valley, this ancient city boasts a history of over 10,000 years. The Tel Al Sultan ruins and the St George’s monastery are both magnificent sites to visit.

When you pull near the Dead Sea, the sides of the road are marked with Bedouin tents. The pottery and jewelry sold in these tents make for beautiful souvenirs. Once you reach the beaches of the dead sea, it is an unmistakable site with beautiful blue water and tourists floating.

The Masada Fortress is built on a mountain near the Dead Sea. This is a world heritage site that makes for exquisite views at sunrise. Just to the north of Masada, we have the Ein Gedi National Park. There are a few quiet beaches that make for peaceful evenings.

Tel Aviv to Haifa

The drive from Tel Aviv to Haifa is a concise one of about one and a half hours on a good day. But, the options of sites to stop in on the road are plenty. The first stop on the way can be for a short walk on the Gaah Beach for a quick stretch. After a short break, you can move towards the next step: the Caesarea National Park. Caesarea Maritima is famous for the incredible ruins of ancient harbors. Known to have been built by Herod the Great, this town dates back to twenty-two to ten century BC. It is a beautiful experience that you will regret missing on a trip to Israel.

From Caesarea, the next stop can be Zikhron Ya’akov. Known to be perhaps the first of modern settlements in Israel, this gorgeous town is famous for its winery. The slopes of Mount Carmel provide excellent conditions for winemaking along with beautiful views.

Neve Yam is an excellent spot to stop at next. This is a kibbutz, a unique agricultural style of settlement. There are artifacts from the Neolithic era that have been found in Neve Yam. The beaches are also an excellent attraction. From here, the drive to Haifa can be completed. The Bahai Gardens are beautiful to visit, and the amalgamation of Jewish and Arabic culture has resulted in a beautiful fusion of life. It is reflected in the food and the lifestyle.

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Typical view from BarBahar

This is another spectacular road trip Full Of Natural And Historical Attractions. The first of many Main Attractions here could be Burma Road. This can be a good view-point where crucial events of Israel’s 1948 war of independence took place.

Another Place to visit is  Tel Azekah. It is a short hike to a hilltop with fantastic panoramic views on the Judean plains where the battle of David and Goliath took place.

From here, you can directly move to BarBahar restaurant for an amazing Lunch. Enriched with an outdoor balcony overlooking the views of the Judean mountains and 2 short hiking opportunities. The spot is very popular on weekends, especially with good weather. If you have the time and energy you can also take the 7.5 Km  Ktalav Hike. One of the most popular hiking trails in the area.

Eilat to Masada

A crowd wathing the sun rise over the dead sea

One of the most famous road trips that continue to impress people visiting Israel is the travel from Eilat to Masada. The best way to enjoy this is to leave Eilat very early in the morning, at around four o clock. This gives you ample time to reach Masaba before sunrise. The beauty here is the higher you climb the Snake Path, the more tranquil it gets. The view of the morning sun from the higher points is beyond magnificent and worth the early morning rise many a time over.

Bidding Adieu

Israel is a unique melting pot of cultures that is hard to come by. The perfect blend of modernity with antiquity is impossible to replicate. Getting to travel this land is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Author’s Bio-

Rebecca Grey is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding of the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the Travelling Industry. She believes traveling is the key to a peaceful life & wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, she loves Traveling and Reading.


Private guided hikes in israel

5 Reasons Why You Should Hike With A Professional Guides

The world is full of visual wonders like wild forests, remote deserts, and sky-high peaks. Although it is an exciting affair to explore new geographies individually, sometimes it is wise to hire a professional to help you sail through the challenges of the surroundings. Professional hiking guides are experienced in high-altitude expeditions. They can show you the way and take care of your insecurities in extreme situations. Here are five reasons why you should opt for the guidance of a professional guide.

Optimize Your Hike

hikers in the forestA seasoned guide knows the terrain, the weather, and the uphill routes much better than a regular hiker. A professional guide will save you time and energy and offer you special experiences that you cannot fetch on your own.

A professional can take you to uncrowded spots with the best views on the trek, suggest the best route according to your skill level, and offer you backup trails when the main routes get blocked. Moreover, such professionals can recommend a suitable pace, suggest the required gear, and even help you out in any physical discomfort. When your whole family is hiking with you, the professional can help the kids and older adults have a comfortable hiking experience.

A local guide also becomes handy if you do not converse in the local language. When you are moving on remote trails of the world’s highest mountains like the Himalayas, you can communicate with the residents, find shelter, and get emergency assistance with the help of a Best guide Everest Expedition.

Stay Safe

Adventurous hikes are thrilling until you lose the way, become exhausted, slip off the trail, get injured, catch a disease, or face any other unforeseen danger. When the temperature is extreme or the terrain is harsh, it is crucial to have the assistance of an expert for acclimatizing correctly and avoid the danger of heatstroke or dehydration.

Since a professional guide is adept at handling the local nuisances, they can anticipate the dangers and keep you safe from rough weather, topical injuries, wild animals, and possible ailments (like heat exhaustion, stroke, metabolic imbalances, etc.) In case of a minor accident, your guide can provide you with critical first-aid assistance. If you have plans for activities like snowboarding and backcountry skiing, a guide’s knowledge of the avalanche conditions would be crucial for you.

Besides taking care of the logistics and providing you physical support, experienced guides also help you remain stress-free by always addressing your concerns.

Learn New Skills

Hiking is not for everyone. It requires you to push your physical, emotional, and psychological boundaries. Most irregular hikers are untrained, and they often have a large gap between their expeditions and reality. Improving your basic skills such as using your hiking poles correctly, packing the right stuff, organizing your backpack, or picking up to the best spot for a break during bad weather, will make your next solo hike an easier experience.

Enjoy Companionship

group of hikersSolo travel and solo hiking are not the same things. Harsh uphill terrains, storms, flash floods, and health issues can demoralize even the bravest of hikers. So, a professional is worth more than your safety when you plan to hike long and wild routes.

Moreover, professional guides are very friendly and knowledgeable of the local circumstances. They can easily engage with people from different walks of life and make them comfortable with their effort. A friendly guide can save you from loneliness and motivate you on long treks when the conditions are not encouraging. You can swap stories, sing songs to each other, and enjoy your meals on boring rainy days when you are stuck inside camps. Who knows, your guide may well end up becoming your lifetime buddy!

Learn About The Regional History And Culture

Hiking is not only about toiling hard to reach the summits. One of the many perks for hikers traveling to remote, exotic locations is enjoying the flavor of the local tradition and culture. Professional guides are usually great sources of information if you wish to learn about the history, geography, and culture of that place.

The vast knowledge of the professional can help you gather information regarding the terrain, weather conditions, local flora and fauna, animals, and possible risk factors. You can also discover a lot about the local cuisine, people’s livelihood, their favorite pastimes, the unknown facts of the locale, and the unresolved mysteries with the help of such guides. Therefore, when you hire a professional guide on your hike, you will have a lot more memories to cherish in the future.

Final Words

The benefits of hiking with a professional guide are endless. Principles are crucial when you are new to hiking, do not know the area, or want to engage with the local culture on your trip. Therefore, a certified local guide is a must if you’re going to make the most of your hiking tour.

Author’s Bio-

Rebecca Grey is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding of the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the Travelling Industry. She believes traveling is the key to a peaceful life & wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, she loves Traveling and Reading.


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Desert camping and logstic support for hikers and bikers in Israel

How to Make Camping Comfortable

Camping is a great way to get into the outdoors, slow down, and enjoy time with friends and family. However, camping can also get uncomfortable, cold, and wet in winter without the right gear and planning. (For example, if you plan to tackle the Golan Trail during February-March when it is the most attractive). You can get by with minimal gear and prep, but if you’re car camping or glamping, these tips will help you have a comfortable and fun experience!

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A Watch Tower from King Hezekiah period was exposed by IDF paratroopers

Soldiers and officers from the Paratroopers brigade and the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered the tower, which was apparently used to transmit messages through beacons.

Watch tower from the 9th century BCE in southern Israel
Photo courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority

An observation tower from the days of Hezekiah the King was recently exposed in archeological excavations made by soldiers of the Paratroopers brigade. This is part of the activities of the “IDF Defense for Nature – Officers taking responsibility for the environment” project, led by the Israel Antiquities Authority.
Archaeologists estimate that the tower, which was built in the 8th century BCE, was established at a high geographic point and used to transmit messages through beacons.
The tower allows observation of the Hebron Mountains, the Judean plain and the surrounding area of Ashkelon that was an important town of the Philistine enemy. It was built of exceptionally large stones, some of which reach 8 tons and rise to a height of about 2 meters
About 150 soldiers and officers from the Paratroopers Brigade participated in the excavation over a period of several months. The project was established in 2014 with the aim of encouraging officers and soldiers to be actively involved in preserving the natural, landscape and heritage values in their surroundings. Today, 60 centers of activity operate throughout the country.

Israeli soldiers in the excavation
Photo courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority

“The IDF, as a melting pot for the diverse Israeli population, is a unique meeting point for people from all parts of the country, through which environmental activities create a strong connection with them,” said Guy Salai, the project manager for Israel Antiquities Authority.

Spring in Northern Israel

Spring Journey 2019

16 days of a unique Hiking Journey.
Following the susses of the 2017 & 2018 Spring journeys Hiking festival, the 2019 journey will take place 22/3-6/4.

The participants will enjoy a life changing adventure, 16 days of unique hiking journey. Starting from mount Hermon  all the way down to the Sea of Galilee. The walk is together, but each one can walk in his own pace. The trails pass through streams and springs. mountains, hills and meadows. The Spring Journey, is a hiking adventure in the heart of the wild nature of the northern region of  Israel.
With people from all over the world, far away from the noisy city, busy roads and endless temptations. In the journey we will walk through untouched, challenging and amazing trails with beautiful spots and many springs and streams.

Above Hula Valley

Unique activities like jam sessions next to the fire, Yoga workouts next to the water, massage therapy, foraging workshop and more… , are mixed between the hikes.

Each week is divided into 5 days hiking and a weekend of relaxation, including a Shabat dinner.

A Logistic team will accompany the trek and will be carrying the personal equipment and big bags, and take care for food and additional needs.
16 days, 130 KM, 20 spring and streams, and one big love to the Nature.

Waterfall in the Golan

The price is includes all the logistic, food, concerts, massage therapy and workshops!

Registration for all the journey:  – 135 ILS per day

Registration for several days (minimum 4 days):  – 165 ILS per day

Registration for at least a week:  – 150 ILS per day

Details and registration: The Spring Journey

Israel Sea Trail - Hike along Israel mediterraneancoast line

Israel mediterranean Sea Trail

A Walking Trail From Rosh Hanikra To Kibbutz Zikim

The Israel National Mediterranean Sea Trail is an exciting new ecotourism initiative that adds a new element to Israel’s impressive line-up of epic nature trails. An opportunity for hikers to enjoy and hike long Israel’s beautiful coastline

Israel is a hiker’s paradise. The country is crisscrossed with recreational trails that feature historic sites, scenic landscapes, lush riverbeds and unique geological formations. From local routes that are suitable for family outings to more demanding epic trails that are
perfect for seasoned hikers, Israel offers a large variety of options for an avid and growing population of users. The Israel National Mediterranean Sea Trail is an
exciting new ecotourism initiative that adds a new element to Israel’s impressive line-up of nature trails-an opportunity for hikers to enjoy and hike along Israel’s beautiful coastline. Designed to attract Israelis and tourists from around the world, the 240 km (150 mile) long Sea Trail will begin at the white chalk cliffs and spectacular grottos of Rosh Hanikra in the north and extend to the sandy, golden beaches of Kibbutz Zikim
in the south. Along the way, hikers will visit a range of educational sites and experience Israel’s unique marine and coastal environment. The trail will feature
interesting shoreline bypasses not accessible to hikers, such as power stations
and ports. The new Israel National Mediterranean Sea Trail will serve as another bridge connecting Israelis and foreign visitors to the land, our history and our national heritage.


Map of the new Israel mediterranean coast trail
Proposed Map of the Trail


Stage 1 – Formulating concepts; identifying and contacting potential partners; preparing a pilot trail in the Hof HaCarmel area; and producing marketing materials. (carried out during 2017).
Stage 2 – Establishing ties with local authorities, communities and governmental organizations to advance the project; securing funding for the project; developing website and the navigational apps for hikers; and launching the Hof HaCarmel pilot trail.
(to be carried out during 2017/2018).
Stage 3 – Preparing and establishing the trail along the whole. of the Israeli Mediterranean coast. (4 years).

The first 34 Kilometers (Near Haifa) of the trail will be marked during 2019!!

Get the taste of it with our Dor-Habonim Hike.

Typical scenery on the hiking trail
A cove near Dor Beach

For information about how you can support the Israel National Mediterranean Sea Trail project please contact Office of the Vice President for Resource Development and External Relations:
Tel: (04) 824-0093 |
Prof. Noga Collins-Kreiner:
Dr. Ellik Adler:

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