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When is the best time to hike in the Israeli desert?

The best month are December-March
Day time temperatures are usually perfect for hiking (8-20 c) while nights can get very cold. (3 – 10 c).
Risk of rain is very low, but you must check the risk of flash floods!
November and April are also an option, but day time temperature can get too hot sometimes.
From May-October limit yourself to very short hikes very early in the morning. Risk of dehydration and heatstroke is life threatening!

When is the best time to hike in Northern and Central Israel?

The best period is March-April. Risk of rain is low and the landscape is still fresh and green from the winter rains.
In March temperatures are better and wildflowers are still at their prime, but the risk for rain still exists.
April is safer in terms of rain, but wildflowers are passed their prime and temperatures can get too high at times.
December-February are great temperature wise, But risk of rain is higher. Rain is Israel tends to come in “attacks”. When it comes you are likely to get 3-5 days of pouring rain and in between sunny days with great weather.
October, November & May are possible but too hot to enjoy a long hike. Its better to stick to higher altitudes and shady gorges during this period.
June-September are too hot for serious hiking, but there are some fun and easy water and beach hike that serve and a good alternative.

Are the hiking trails in Israel marked?

Yes!!! Israel has an extensive high-quality waymarking infrastructure. In most trails it would be very clear, but sometimes you can run into sloppy marked sections where you will not spot a marker for a while. Therefore, we strongly recommend to always carry a hiking map and better to have also GPS track on a proper mobile phone application.

Where can I buy hiking maps?

Hiking maps are sold mainly in book stores. Each map covers a region. For example Golan height, Judean desert etc. the cost of each map is about 80-100 NIS (20-25 USD). The main problem is that the maps come only in Hebrew. For this reason we supply our own Israel by foot maps. All our maps are in English and are offered for each individual hike at just 5$.

Are the “Israel by Foot” hiking maps detailed enough?

Yes! The maps meet the highest standard expected from hiking maps.
The maps are in very high resolution. All the labels are in English. The color of the trails on the map matches the color of the markers on the ground.

Do you provide a mobile navigation app for your hikes?

We do not have our own app. But when you buy any of our maps, you get with it GPS file (In GPX format), that can be used on any standard mobile navigation app.

How much water should I carry?

In most hiking trails you will not find a natural water source you can count on. The weather can be hot and sunny also during the winter. Carrying sufficient amount of water is the most crucial safety measure one should take. A rule of thumb is 1.0-2.0 liters per 5 kilometers of hike (per person), depending on weather and terrain.

I am not confined to hike independently. Do you offer also guided hikes?

Check out our guided hikes schedule

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