Hiking with GPS app on your mobile phone

Mobile GPS Apps

The easiest and safest way to hike is with a Navigation App on your mobile phone. Therefore, for each of our hikes and treks, we provide also a GPS file alongside the hiking map.

For each hike we supply the GPS data in two formats:

Direct link from the eBook:

  • Inside the Hike eBook, you will find a link to “NAVIGATE THE HIKE WITH GPS”.
  • This link will open the GPS file inside the ViewRanger App.
  • Check out a Sample GPS Link.
  • Check out a Sample Hike eBook.
  • If it is your first time, You will need to install it and register. (It is free!).
  • The app will give you an option also to load the map for offline use.
  • This is the simplest and easiest way!

Standalone GPX file

  • In the download link, you will have also all the relevant GPS files in GPX format.
  • You can use it with your favorite Navigation App.

Tested Apps

There are many paid apps that provide this, over the last few years we have used
Picture1Twonav Premium
We have not tested other paid apps for comparison!!

These apps will typically provide a pack of additional features such as:

  • Track recording & stats
  • Track editing
  • Online & Offline maps
  • And many more…….

We also tested for you a bunch of free Apps.
Most do not offer what you will need in the free version. However, the Apps will:

Picture4 GPX viewer for Android.
Get it on Google Play


OsmAnd Maps for Ios.


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