Rappelling Qumrabn Canyon

Rappelling Qumran Canyon

Rappelling tour to the Qumran canyon at the north of the Dead Sea, which holds amazing dry waterfalls and mysterious caves

The trip includes rappelling down five cliffs. Heights: 12, 40, 45, 3 and 30 meters. We will enter the canyon and start rappelling, one waterfall after the other, while the amazing view of the Dead Sea is always in front of us.

Rappelling Qumran Canyon
Rappelling qumran canyon
Rappelling qumran canyon
Rappeling Qumran Dead Sea
Qumran rappeling tour
Wadi Qumran rappeling 3
Wadi Qumran rappeling 2
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  • Location: Qumran canyon, where the legendary Dead-Sea scrolls were discovered. It can be combined with a very interesting visit to an archeological site in the Qumran national park.
  • Rappelling: Leaning off the edge of the cliff and sailing down to the bottom using ropes.
  • Level: No experience necessary. (But of interest also to advanced rappellers)
  • Duration: 08:00 – 16:00
  • Dates: Regular group tours every Saturday. Private tours every day.
  • Meeting Point: Qumran National Park.

Any Questions: Contact us at extreme@hike-israel.com


  • Regular Group Tours: 220 NIS (About 62$) per person – (Generally, Every Saturday. Check the full list of dates on the booking form below).
  • Private Tour (A group of 1-9 persons) : Price 2,000 NIS (About 505$) per group up to 6 personas. 2,200 NIS for 7-9) persons (Every day)
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Introduction to the Area:

Qumran was a flourishing Jewish settlement that existed during the Second Temple period. The settlement was inhabited by a men-only community that lived a cooperative life. The complex is made off public buildings, while the community members lived around in about 30 caves and probably also in tents and sukkahs. The complex’s buildings were kept in good condition thanks to the arid climate in the Dead Sea Valley. Qumran is identified with “Secacah” mentioned in the Bible as one of the six desert cities of the tribe of Judah. Joshua 15 61-62: “In the wilderness, Betharabah, Middin, and Secacah, And Nibshan, and the city of Salt, and Engedi; six cities with their villages”. Today, impressive remains can be seen at the Qumran National park where our hike starts.

A water cisterne at Qumeran ruins
Water Cistern in Qumran

Important Notes

  • No previous experience with rappelling is required! Our professional guides will teach you how to rappel on-the-go.
  • The entrance fee to the Qumran National Park is not included. (The entrance fee to the reserve: adult – 29 NIS, youth – 15 NIS to age 18).
  • Minimum age: 8 Years.
  • Equipment: Water (3 liers), closed hiking shoes (sandals, “crocks”, etc. will not be allowed), a hat, sunscreen, food for the day, comfortable clothing
  • The activity is insured and organized by qualified instructors.

Payment & Cancellation Terms:

    • A credit card number will be taken for security.
    • Payment in cash on the day of the trip.
    • Payment of 500 NIS or more can also be made by credit card (+3% charge).
    • Cancellation fee up to 8 days before the trip: 30NIS per person. Cancellation fee up to 5 days before the trip: 50%. Cancellation within 48 hours from the beginning of the trip will be charged for the full price.


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