Rock Climbing in Wadi Qelt


Climb on the wall of the Qelt canyon or one the Shilat Cliff

We will study the fundamentals of rock climbing techniques and equipment. You will experience real rock climbing in the Top-Rope technique (The safest and most common climbing technique). The location and the Top-Rope method are perfect for beginners that want to experience what rope climbing is all about.

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Top-Rope Climbing Explained

We offer Rock climbing in two spots in Israel

Wadi Qelt (Ein Prat):

Wadi Qelt is located in the Judean desert, 20-30 minutes drive east of Jerusalem. It’s one of the most beautiful nature spots in Israel and well worth a visit. It’s a fantastic day outdoors to mix a visit to Wadi Qelt with a Rock Climbing session.

A waterfall in Wadi Qelt canyon, Israel

  • Location: Ein Prat.
  • Level: No experience necessary. (But of interest also to advanced rappellers)
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Dates: Private tours every day.
  • Meeting Point: Natural Park Entrance.


  • Private Tour (A group of 1-12 persons) : Price 3,000 NIS (About 850$) per group.
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Shilat Cliff:

Shilat Cliff is very conveniently located in the middle of the way between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. The 30 meters high cliff is a perfect venue to experience rock climbing also for beginners.

Rock climbing at Shilat Cliff

  • Location: Shilat Cliff.
  • Level: No experience necessary. (But of interest also to advanced rappellers)
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Dates: Private tours every day.
  • Meeting Point: Shilat Cliff.


  • Private Tour (A group of 1-6 persons) : Price 1,500 NIS (About 430$) per group.
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Important Notes

  • No previous experience with rappelling is required! Our professional guides will teach you how to rappel on-the-go.
  • The entrance fee to the Qumran National Park is not included. (The entrance fee to the reserve: adult – 29 NIS, youth – 15 NIS to age 18).
  • Minimum age: 8 Years.
  • Equipment: Water, closed shoes (sandals, “crocks”, etc. will not be allowed), a hat, sunscreen, food for the day, comfortable clothing
  • The activity is insured and organized by qualified instructors.

Payment & Cancellation Terms:

    • A credit card number will be taken for security.
    • Payment in cash on the day of the trip.
    • Payment of 500 NIS or more can also be made by credit card.
    • Cancellation fee up to 8 days before the trip: 30NIS per person. Cancellation fee up to 5 days before the trip: 50%. Cancellation within 48 hours from the beginning of the trip will be charged for the full price.


    Groups are available only on selected dates (usually on weekends and holidays)

    * IF you selected a Group activity make sure you select a Valid Date!

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