Beit Nerofa valeey and mount carmel - view from mount Atzmon

Yodfat Picnic and Short Walk

A very rewarding visit to a lesser known spot. Within a small area you can visit Ancient Yodfat (“Masada of the Galilee”). Hike to the fantastic summit of mount Atzmon. Enjoy a coffee or a meal in a pleasant setting and see wildflowers if you come in the right timing.

  • Region – Lower Galilee
  • Parking:
    1 – Yodfat Shopping Center –  (GPS: 32.836803, 35.273807)
    2 – Mount Atzmon Short Walk –  (GPS: 32.833979, 35.269060)
    3 – Ancient Yodfat archeological site –  (GPS: 32.833565, 35.277311)
  • Picnic spots – On the summit of mount Atzmon or near ancient Yodfat.
  • Walking distance:
    Ancient Yodfat –  1 Km
    Mount Atzmon Round Hike – 4 Km
    Mount Atzmon short hike – 2.5 Km
  • recommended period: All year.
    Best: January – March for many wildflowers and better visibility.
    Special: End of August – Mid of September for fields of Quills (Hazab).

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General Map of the area

Ancient Yodfat Map

Click the Map to download it in high quality

There are a few options in the area. You can do all or some of them.

  1. Short tour of ancient Yodfat.
  2. Hike to the fantastic summit of Mount Atzmon
  3. Enjoy great Food/Drink options in the small and pleasant Yodfat shopping center.
  4. If you are with small kinds you can also visit the Monkey Forest in Yodfat.

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Ancient Yodfat – “Masda of the Galilee”

The ruins of ancient Yodfat

The ancient town of Yodfat was located about 22 km southeast of Acre and 9 km north of Sepphoris, in a topographical setting that contributed greatly to the town’s defense. It was positioned on an isolated hill hidden between high peaks, surrounded on three sides by steep ravines and easily accessible only from the saddle to the north. Ancient Yodfat  is mentioned in the Mishna as a fortified Jewish village dating from the time of Joshua. Archaeological explorations of the site, have thus far revealed a modest village established some time during the Hellenistic period, between the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE.
During the “Great Revolt” in year 67 CE, Yodfat was the last stronghold of Jewish resistance after the fall of Zippori. 3 Roan legions besieged Yodfat, meeting strong Jewish resistance. After 47 days the city fell.  The toll was the death of 40,000 Jews and the enslavement of 1,200 women and children.  A few dozen remaining fighters committed suicide, hence the nickname “Masada of the Galilee”.
Further Reading in Wikipedia: Siege of Yodfat / Yodfat (General)

The tour of the site start from Parking #1. It is about 1 Km long round and clearly marked path . Along the path, there are many information boards that tell the story of the place and explain about the archeological findings in the area.

Ancient Yodfat site map
Ancient Yodfat Site Map

Special treat: During September, the hills around Tel-Yodfat are filled with thousand of Squills (Hazav flowers).


Hike to Mount Atzmon Summit

Beit Nerofa valeey and mount carmel - view from mount Atzmon

Mount Atzmon is a modest peak of only 547 ASL. However it is an impressive view-point with a feeling of a much higher mountain!!

On a clear winter day you have a vista ranging from the snow-capped Hermon mountain in the north down to the chimneys of the Hadara power plant to the South. In between you have in your site the Golan Heights, Beit Netofa valley, Carmel mountain, Haifa and the Haifa bay. A “killer” Picnic spot!!

You have two hiking options:

  1. For the easier one leave your car at Parking #2. From there it’s a 1.3 Km long walk with an ascent of 130 meters to the summit. Return the same way. (Total 2.6 Km)
  2. For a slightly tougher route, leave your car at Parking #1. From there It’s a 4 Km round trip with an ascent of 220 meters.

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Yodfat shopping center

A great way to finish the trip is a visit to the Yodfat local “shopping center”. (Parking #3).
A very nice and tasty selection of small  boutique shops and dining/drinking options from locals.

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