Israel Sea Trail - Hike along Israel mediterraneancoast line

Israel mediterranean Sea Trail

A Walking Trail From Rosh Hanikra To Kibbutz Zikim

The Israel National Mediterranean Sea Trail is an exciting new ecotourism initiative that adds a new element to Israel’s impressive line-up of epic nature trails. An opportunity for hikers to enjoy and hike long Israel’s beautiful coastline

Israel is a hiker’s paradise. The country is crisscrossed with recreational trails that feature historic sites, scenic landscapes, lush riverbeds and unique geological formations. From local routes that are suitable for family outings to more demanding epic trails that are
perfect for seasoned hikers, Israel offers a large variety of options for an avid and growing population of users. The Israel National Mediterranean Sea Trail is an
exciting new ecotourism initiative that adds a new element to Israel’s impressive line-up of nature trails-an opportunity for hikers to enjoy and hike along Israel’s beautiful coastline. Designed to attract Israelis and tourists from around the world, the 240 km (150 mile) long Sea Trail will begin at the white chalk cliffs and spectacular grottos of Rosh Hanikra in the north and extend to the sandy, golden beaches of Kibbutz Zikim
in the south. Along the way, hikers will visit a range of educational sites and experience Israel’s unique marine and coastal environment. The trail will feature
interesting shoreline bypasses not accessible to hikers, such as power stations
and ports. The new Israel National Mediterranean Sea Trail will serve as another bridge connecting Israelis and foreign visitors to the land, our history and our national heritage.


Map of the new Israel mediterranean coast trail
Proposed Map of the Trail


Stage 1 – Formulating concepts; identifying and contacting potential partners; preparing a pilot trail in the Hof HaCarmel area; and producing marketing materials. (carried out during 2017).
Stage 2 – Establishing ties with local authorities, communities and governmental organizations to advance the project; securing funding for the project; developing website and the navigational apps for hikers; and launching the Hof HaCarmel pilot trail.
(to be carried out during 2017/2018).
Stage 3 – Preparing and establishing the trail along the whole. of the Israeli Mediterranean coast. (4 years).

The first 34 Kilometers (Near Haifa) of the trail will be marked during 2019!!

Get the taste of it with our Dor-Habonim Hike.

Typical scenery on the hiking trail
A cove near Dor Beach

For information about how you can support the Israel National Mediterranean Sea Trail project please contact Office of the Vice President for Resource Development and External Relations:
Tel: (04) 824-0093 |
Prof. Noga Collins-Kreiner:
Dr. Ellik Adler:

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