View from Hod Akev, Negev Desert, Israel

Israel’s Epic Hiking Trails

Israel is blessed with several long-distance Epic Hiking Trails. Most tourists that visit Israel are not up to it or desire a more varied vacation that includes a mix of activities and attractions rather than a pure hiking vacation.

Here at “Israel By Foot” we get that, and therefore we are focused on day-hikes that can be integrated into a “standard” vacation. However, some of those are along these Epic trails and can be an excellent way to get the taste of them.

The Jesus Trail

is a 65-kilometer hiking trail in the Galilee region of Israel that connects important sites from the life of Jesus as well as other historical and religious sites. The Jesus Trail™ offers an alternative for travelers and pilgrims to experience the steps of Jesus in a way that is authentic, adventurous and educational by hiking through the rugged and beautiful landscape of the Galilee in Israel. (Jesus trail official site).

Get the feeling of the Jesus trail with our  Mount Arbel Hike that is along the final stretch of the track.

The sea of Galilee seen from Mount Arbel

The Golan Trail

125km hiking trail through the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights has a reputation as one of the most beautiful areas in the region, and the Golan Tourism Association created this trail to let hikers traverse it. The Golan Trail begins on Mt. Hermon and ends just above the Sea of Galilee. The Golan is full of streams, rugged landscapes, and wildlife, and is especially beautiful in spring when wildflowers and tree blossoms are at their height. For more details visit our 7 days trek on the Golan Trail.

Get the feeling of the Golan trail with our  Bashanit Ridge Hike that is along with one of the finest stretches of the track.

View from Hod Akev, Negev Desert, Israel

The Israel Trail

Israel hiking trails waymarker
INT (Israel Nation Trail) Marker

Sometimes also called the INT (Israel National trail) is approximately 1100 km long. The trail stretches from the Dan Kibbutz, near the Lebanese border, to Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba, and was named by National Geographic as one of the 20 best “epic hiking trails” in the world.   It crosses Israel between the southern and northern borders, traversing a wide range of landscapes, a rich variety of flora and fauna, and a diversity of cultures.
Read a detailed post packed with loads of information about the INT track.

Watch the interview of Aryeh Green sharing his special experience on the INT:

My Israel Trail, a Book by Aryeh Green

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Get the feeling of the Israel Trail with two of our Day Hikes that follow some of the finest stretches of the track.
Amud Stream (Nahal Amud)

The Sanhedrin Trail 

It is a 70 Km hiking trail that crosses the lower Galilee area following sites associated with the Sanhedrin. The Trails starts at Beit Shearim near Tivon and ends after about in ancient Tiberias. It gives the hiker a good mix of beautiful scenery and the Jewish history of the period. (150 – 450 CE)  It crosses many archeological sites and National Parks such as Beit Shearim, Ancient Zipori, and Ancient Yodfat.
More information on the official site. (Only in Hebrew at the moment).

Sanhedrin Trail
Smark Stones. Photo By Antiquities Authority
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