The sea of Galilee seen from the south direction

Menachamiya – “Lonely Tree” View Point

Ascend to a fantastic View-Point of Lake Kinneret & the Jordan Valley. Hike up through an interesting Wadi to the view-point. Look at the Sea of Galilee from an unusual direction & also get a good views to the Jordan valley and the Gilad mountains.

Hike Metrics
Distance8 Km
Short versionsN/ A
Climb330 m
BestDec - Mar
PossibleNov - Apr
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Hike Description

Track description:
  • Starting point –  At the end of the road just above Menachamiya (1).
Menachamiya is a historic Israeli settlement. The settlement was founded on December 23-26, 1901. The first five families settled on lands purchased in the southern Jordan Valley, near the village of Abudiya.  There are still some nice Historic Buildings and an interesting Museum to visit.

The Museum is located in the historic “Doctor House”. and holds a varied display that reflects the state of medicine and medical service of the past, compared to the present day.

  • Follow the ‡Blue‡ markers along Wadi El Jorum for about 1.8 Km. (2).
  • The wadi has some nice cliff formations of basalt rocks.

Detailed hiking map

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  • At this point, the path meets a dirt road. Continue on the dirt road with the  ‡Blue‡ markers for about 300 m (3).
  • Turn left on the ‡Blue‡  markers now on a footpath climbing steeply.
    Pay attention not to continue straight on the dirt road since the marking is not clear on this spot!
  • At the end of the climb (4), Turn right with the ‡Blue‡ markers.

The "lonely Tree" view-point, Lower Galilee, Israel

  • Continue on it with another steep section until you reach the junction with the dirt road with ‡Black‡ markers (Part of the INT). (5)
  • Turn left on the ‡Black‡ marker and follow it for 200 m to reach the View-point under the Lonely Tree.  The perfect spot for an extended break.
This a fantastic spot. You get a view from an unusual angle on the Sea of Galilee to the north. The Gilaad mountains on the east across the border in Jordan. And the Jordan valley to the south.


  • Retrace your steps to (5) and continue on the ‡Black‡ markers (Also INT) for about 1.5 Km, until you reach the junction with the dirt road (‡Red‡ markers). (6)
  • Follow the ‡Red‡ markers on the dirt road for about 4 Km to the starting point. The marking is not always clear, and it is best to follow the GPS on this section!

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