Hikes in the Golan Heights and the Galil Mountains

Walk where History and Archaeology blend into green landscape filled with Wild-Flowers

The sea of Galilee seen from Mount Arbel


Ascend to the most iconic viewpoint over the Sea of Galilee. Plus, visit an ancient synagogue and a unique fortress.

Distance8 Km
Climb300 m
SeasonOct – May
LocationGoogle Maps
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Nahal Amud in the Upper Galilee


Walk down the beautiful Amud stream. On the way back climb to a unique viewpoint over the Sea of Galilee & the Mediterranean.

Distance14 Km
Climb500 m
SeasonOct – May
LocationGoogle Maps
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Yam le Yam trek


A fantastic hike that has it all. Water flowing all year round, a beautiful crusader fortress, great views, and a lovely Mediterranean forest.

Distance7-10 Km
Climb300 m
SeasonAll Year
LocationGoogle Maps
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Yam le Yam Hike

Yam le Yam

5 Days Galilee Trekking with Accommodations and luggage transfer

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Bashanit Ridge

Bashanit Ridge

Wide views on the Northern Golan Heights and Syria, an oak forest and plenty of wildflowers in springtime.

Distance10 Km
Climb200 m
SeasonOct – May
LocationGoogle Maps
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Hiking Along Gush Halav Stream

Gush Halav Stream

A winter pond, a stream, and an ancient synagogue. This short & easy hike is full of attractions.

Distance6 Km
Climb220 m
SeasonOct – May
LocationGoogle Maps
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The sea of Galilee seen from the south direction


An ascent to a fantastic viewpoint of lake Kinneret & the Jordan valley.

Distance8 Km
Climb330 m
LocationGoogle Maps
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Short Hikes and Picnic spots in the Galilee and the Golan Heights, With Free Maps and GPS files Download

We select for you a few of the Best Day Hikes in the Golan Height and the Galilee. Besides, we provide information (With Free Maps and GPS file download) on several short hikes and picnic spots. Scroll down to explore.

Ein Shoko and Mevo Hama promenade

short hike to Ein Shoko Spring overlooking the sea of galilee
Ein Shoko – By Jakednb / Wikimedia Commons

A short Golan Heights hike to a refreshing spring with great views on lake Kinneret

  • Region – Golan Height
  • Parking – Kibbutz Mevo Hama –  (GPS: 32.738294, 35.656125)
  • By Bus: Bus #10 from Katzrin.
  • Picnic spot Around Shoko Spring
  • Walking distance:
    Shoko Spring –  1 Km
    Promenade – As much as you want.
  • Recommended period: All year.

There are two options. You can choose one or do both.

  1. The 2 Km long, paved & stroller friendly promenade runs along the edge of a cliff 400 m above the lake. It is a flat and easy walk offering endless great views. You can walk all or part of the promenade.
  2. One km short walk (½ km each direction)  to the magnificent Shoko Spring. A perfect spot for a picnic that combines an attractive spring with a great view on the Sea of Galilee.

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The “Blue Eye” Pond


A short walk in the upper Galilee to a fantastic Picnic Spot near a beautiful pond with great views on the surrounding Galilee mountains.

  • Region – Upper Galilee
  • Parking – Dirt road near Jish –  (GPS: 33.034117, 35.441326)
  • By bus: Bus Number 43 / 64/ 367 from Safed. (Add about 2 km to walk from the village to the parking location)
  • Picnic Spot: On the meadow around the pond.
  • Walking distance: 800 m
  • recommended period: December – April

An 800 m, easy short walk (400 m each way) to a small pond, about 40 m diameter located in a beautiful setting surrounded by green meadows and great views to the surrounding Galilee mountains. The pond gets filled with rainwater and therefore is full only after the first heavy winter rains and until May. There is also no shade around the pond. Therefore it is an attractive outing only during winter and early spring.

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Kanaf Spring

Ein Kanaf pool, Golan Heights, Israel

A great picnic spot with plenty of shade and a pleasant pool

  • Region – Golan Heights
  • Parking – Dirt road near Kanaf-  (GPS: 32.870114, 35.703474)
  • By Bus: Bus #16 from Katsrin. (Add 500 m to walk to the parking location)
  • Picnic Spot: In the shade around the pool
  • Walking distance: 50 m
  • recommended period: All Year

A delightful picnic spot that does not involve any walking, just a short drive on a dirt road. The man-made pool collects the water from the nearby spring.  The pool is 10 m long, five wide and about 1 m deep. The spring is also named “Ma’ayan Ashi” in memory of First Sergeant Asher (“Ashi”) Novik, who was killed in the village of Debel in southern Lebanon on August 9, 2006, during the Second Lebanon War.

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Ancient Yodfat and mount Atzmon

Mount Atzmon, Galilee, Israel

A very rewarding visit to a lesser-known spot. Within a small area, you can visit Ancient Yodfat (“Masada of the Galilee”). Hike to the fantastic summit of mount Atzmon. Enjoy a coffee or a meal in a pleasant setting, and see wildflowers if you come at the right timing.

  • Region – Lower Galilee
  • Parking:
    1 – Yodfat Shopping Center –  (GPS: 32.836803, 35.273807)
    2 – Mount Atzmon Short Walk –  (GPS: 32.833979, 35.269060)
    3 – Ancient Yodfat archeological site –  (GPS: 32.833565, 35.277311)
    (See parking locations on the map)
  • Picnic spots – On the summit of mount Atzmon or near ancient Yodfat.
  • Walking distance:
    Ancient Yodfat –  1 Km
    Mount Atzmon Round Hike – 4 Km
    Mount Atzmon short hike – 2.5 Km
  • recommended period: All year.
    Best: January – March for many wildflowers and better visibility.
    Special: End of August – Mid of September for fields of Squills (Hazab).

There are a few options in the area. You can do all or some of them.

  1. A short tour of ancient Yodfat.
  2. Hike to the fantastic summit of Mount Atzmon.
  3. Enjoy great Food/Drink options in the small and pleasant Yodfat shopping center.
  4. If you are with small kids, you can also visit the Monkey Forest in Yodfat.
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Free Download of the Detailed hiking Maps & GPS Track Files for this outing:

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